Why Trump and his allies are making it harder to find the truth about his claims

President Donald Trump has been telling Americans that he is the “victim” of a media conspiracy to cover up his claims that President Barack Obama wiretapped his phone calls.

The president’s claims are “basically the same as if you were in charge of the Justice Department or FBI, and you were told you were the victim of a massive surveillance conspiracy”, Trump said in an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes.

But the claim is actually made by Trump, who says he is a victim of “fake news”, which he describes as the “disinformation” of the mainstream media.

Here’s how Trump and the rest of his administration are pushing this narrative.

The story Trump says he believes is being covered up The Trump administration has used a “war on facts” to delegitimise the claims of President Barack Barack Obama, and have called on the US public to be wary of the media.

Trump has told Americans he is being investigated by the US intelligence community for alleged collusion with Russia, which the president said was “almost certainly” the case.

He says the FBI has been investigating him for more than a year.

And his own Justice Department has also been investigating the matter for months.

Trump, whose administration has also accused the mainstream press of bias and has repeatedly denied the existence of any “collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Russians, has blamed the media for “destroying his presidency”.

He has repeatedly attacked the media and said he will sue the news outlets if they don’t stop reporting the “fake stories” that he says have “destroyed” his presidency.

But in a recent interview with the BBC, Trump said the media’s coverage of the Russia investigation has been “very distorted”.

The president told the interviewer that he has been under investigation by the FBI since November last year and that the FBI had been “investigating” him for “almost two years”.

Trump said he was “very concerned” about the ongoing investigations into his finances and finances, which were revealed in a book published in May.

He added that he believed that his White House was under investigation because he was a target of the FBI investigation, and that he was not aware of any other potential targets of that investigation.

But Trump said that he did not want to be “discredited” by the media, who had “made it difficult” for him to pursue his administration.

“I’m a free man.

I have nothing to hide.

I can talk to you,” Trump told the BBC interviewer.

Trump’s critics say the president has not provided enough evidence to support his claim that he and his advisers were under surveillance.

Trump said on 60 Minutes that he had been under surveillance by the NSA and the FBI and that there was “no doubt” that the NSA had collected information about his calls with foreign leaders.

“If I’m wiretapped, you can bet that they’re not listening to me,” Trump said.

The FBI and the NSA have also been conducting “unprecedented” surveillance of Trump’s finances, including the financial transactions that Trump reported in his book, according to The Washington Post.

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump’s financial transactions were not a “massive, massive problem” for the administration.

Trump himself said the US is “very happy” with the FBI’s efforts.

Trump also accused his enemies in the mainstream US media of making “a very big deal out of nothing” when it comes to the Russia investigations.

He has referred to them as “the fake news media”, a term that has become synonymous with the media that the president and his administration use to discredit the media coverage of them.

Spicer said that the White House had been told by the “enemy media” that it was “totally fake news”.

“The fake news is the fake news.

Fake news is what they do,” Spicer said.

“The fact that they use the word fake doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

He added: “The problem is, we’ve got to put out a report every day, every week that shows that what we’re saying, what we say is factual and accurate.”

The President said the reports that the media was “going to get away with this” were “ridiculous”.

“We’ve got a fake news network out there that’s doing their job,” he said.

Trump and members of his Cabinet are “worried” that people will not believe their stories Trump said “it’s a war on facts”, which the media “have never done before”.

Spicer said there were “significant” disagreements within the White

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