Why the jim marshalls don’t need a photo op

A year ago, Nickelback released their latest album, The Suburbs, and the photo-ops were as expected: A group of musicians, photographers and musicians-in-training walked in front of the album cover in a makeshift booth, as well as behind it.

But the photo op had another purpose: to promote the release of the new album, and its follow-up, The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter.

As the band toured the country in support of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Nickelbems co-founder and lead singer, jim, decided to take a photo of them and his co-lead guitarist, nickels brother, in front, with a caption that read, “A photo op to raise awareness for the release album and the upcoming album.”

The caption was a simple one: “The tour continues.”

The tour ended in late February, with Nickelbem performing at several festivals in North America, Europe and Australia.

On April 6, the band was spotted at the band’s annual “tribute to the dead” concert in Toronto.

The band then returned to the UK for the first leg of their U.S. and European tour.

And, at the end of the month, the tour ended with a photo shoot with Nickelback in Los Angeles.

And yet, as the tour progressed, the members of Nickelback, who were still on tour and still sharing the stage with fans, became less and less visible.

“We’re always the guys that just go out and play,” says Nickelback drummer Ryan Duff, a.k.a.

Duff, on the bands latest album.

“And that’s kind of where it is right now, and we’re not a part of that.”

Duff says he’s “very concerned” about the lack of social media presence for Nickelback and has decided to keep the band a secret.

He is also adamant that the band should not have a photo-op in front for the album’s release.

“It’s something we’re definitely not allowed to do in front,” he says.

“I think that’s disrespectful.

And I feel like if you’re doing a photo ops in front and you’re not going to say thank you, you’re going to lose it.”

The band’s next album, My Heart Is a Lonely Boy, will be released May 10.

In the meantime, Nickelbacks co-founders Jim and Nickels Marshall are working on the follow-ups to their first two albums.

The Marshalls have been working on a new record for nearly two years now, but this year, they released their first album in six years.

“If we can keep the momentum going for a little while longer, that would be great,” Duff says.

In addition to making music together, Duff has also been a part-time photographer for the past year.

“There’s always a reason behind it,” he explains.

“The reason behind all of this is to have fun.”

In his view, the world has changed in the past six years, and so has the world of photography.

“For years, we were the most popular photographers in the world, but in the last year, we’ve been the most hated,” he laughs.

“That’s the only thing that’s changed.”

□ The Nickelback tour hits the road April 8-11, 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Find more stories about Nickelback at thestar.com/nickelbacks.

□ Nickelback is on tour with a new album □ Find out when the next tour dates will be announced at theband.com

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