Why did you name your book ‘Hollywood?’

Today, we’ll be answering your questions about how you might want to name your next book.

The question that we all ask each other is, “When was the last time I was in a movie theater?”

When I was growing up, the last movie I ever saw was the original film of The Big Lebowski starring Kevin Costner.

But even that movie didn’t have the perfect name.

I remember the first time I saw The Big Bopper in the theaters I was just like, “I want that movie to be called The Big Boy.”

So I went back to my parents and said, “Look, I want to be able to say ‘The Big Boy’ in my book because I don’t want to do that again.

I want that book to be more memorable, so I’ll have to get creative.”

But that was it, and then The Big Bully came out and I was like, holy shit, I need a movie that’s like that.

So that’s what I went for.

And I’m glad I did, because that movie was a movie, and you could watch it on the big screen and it was just amazing.

But I think it’s important for authors to have a strong sense of where their stories come from.

I think there’s a great movie by David Mamet called The Man in the High Castle that’s about a kid who becomes the king of a kingdom and he’s just kind of a dick.

So he’s a dick, but he also kind of becomes king.

That’s what made it so great for me.

And then there’s the book that I’m really excited about, The Last Starfighter by Frank Herbert, which is a sci-fi book where the main character, Luke Skywalker, gets transported to the galaxy and he starts out fighting bad guys and he ends up fighting a bunch of other good guys.

So this is the kind of story that I think the book is about.

And that’s why I wanted to go with that name.

The book is set in the 21st century, and the main protagonist is an engineer named Finn.

He’s a man of the people, and he has this little robot companion named Chewbacca.

And he’s sort of a nerd, so he’s kind of an outsider and he likes to play with the little robots.

So when he gets to a planet where they’re living in their own little worlds and there’s no rules, there’s just these crazy robots.

And so Finn goes off and he finds a robot that is like a warrior, that is kind of like a robot version of a warrior.

And they’re just fighting and they’re destroying stuff, and they take over.

And Finn and Chewbaca get to a place where they start to understand each other and they kind of form an alliance to help each other out.

And it’s really important to me to have that kind of connection between the characters because I want it to be a strong bond.

So we started with the name.

Finn is Finn and he just kind on the outside, he’s an outsider, and I wanted him to be like that in this book.

And there’s something really important about that name that’s important to us.

Because it’s like, what are you?

What do you do?

So it was a really interesting thing to me because the first thing that came to my mind was the word “Finn.”

And it sort of goes back to the way that my parents, my grandparents, used to say, “We’re Finn and we’re Luke Skywalker and we love to play video games.”

And that was the name that I had for my books, but it was really hard to think of a good name for a new book.

So I was thinking, why not just use the name Finn?

So I just thought that was kind of the most fitting name for this book, so the name is Finn.

And my mother was really excited to try and figure out how to spell it out.

She called the printer, and it said, I guess you need to use “Finta.”

So she tried to spell the word Finn, and she finally just typed it out, and there was the first spelling.

But she just couldn’t get it right.

So then I thought, well, maybe I’ll just go with “Fiiiiine” or “Fipiine.”

So my mom just went with the spelling that my sister, Emma, had.

And she went, “Well, you can just put your hands up and call yourself Finn.”

And so it just stuck.

It stuck.

And now we have it!

And it means Finn and Luke Skywalker are like this, and these are our people, these are these people who are like these, these, and we have to take care of them.

And the world is so beautiful and everything is so great.

So it’s a lot of fun to be writing about these people and their story and how they’re going to be affected

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