Which wedding photographer is best?

By Dan JonesPosted Feb 20, 2018 05:20:13The wedding photography business is still in its infancy.

And while it’s a nascent industry, many of the best wedding photographer are currently making a name for themselves.

Here are the top wedding photographers of 2018, along with the reasons why.1.

Tessa Fox is the wedding photographer for the Biltmore Estate.

Fox is the first female photographer at the B.E.T. Estate in Los Angeles.

She and her husband, Brian Fox, both worked in photo editing, and the Bortles are now wedding photographers at their own wedding photography studio, Blue Hills.

(They are also wedding planners for the estate.)

Fox is a photographer who has been a fixture on the wedding scene since she started out, with a few clients including Beyonce and Katy Perry.

(She also has worked on the couple’s wedding photography for the wedding of her daughter, Caitlyn Jenner, in 2016.)

“I’ve always had a dream of doing wedding photography,” Fox said in a 2016 interview with Fox Sports.

“I wanted to work in the wedding industry, and I was the first woman to do it, so I knew what I wanted to do.

I started off doing wedding and child care photography, and then after that, I got married, and now I’m married to a beautiful woman.”2.

Tasha Clements is the bride-to-be of J.D. Gordon.

Clements, a photographer and photographer assistant, worked at the Royal B&M and the Beverly Hills Hotel as a wedding photographer before moving on to become the wedding planner for the couple.

She’s also a member of the wedding photographers team at The Royal B.O.M. (which includes Clements), and is known for her work at the wedding ceremony.

(It was Clements who arranged for the bridal party to be photographed for their own Instagram account.)

“When I met J. D. Gordon, he was my first choice for the bride,” she said in an interview with Bravo.


D was the only one who was a wedding planner I thought could do a good job, and he was also a wedding artist who was known for his beautiful photos.

We worked together and I learned a lot from him.”3.

Julie A. Gentry is the husband of Tasha Fox.

A photographer, Gentry works for Blue Hills, which has her working as a photographer assistant.

She also teaches photography classes at The University of California, Santa Barbara, and The Los Angeles School of Theatrical Arts.

(As part of her work as a lecturer, she teaches a class on wedding photography.

Gerson said that in addition to being a wedding consultant, she also teaches weddings at local colleges and universities.)

“It’s always fun and relaxing when I’m at home and working with my friends,” Gentry said in the interview with FOX Sports.

She said that she “has a lot of friends who are married, so it’s fun to have all of them all around me, to have the whole group of people.

It’s really a family environment.”4.

Emily Gentry and Brian Fox.

Gersen and Fox have worked together as wedding photographers since their wedding photography days, and they both have worked in wedding planning for the groom, Bruce Gordon.

Ginger has been involved in the photography business for years and has photographed a number of weddings, including Beyoncé and Katy LeBaron’s.

(In 2017, Ginger was named one of the 50 Best Wedding Photographers in the U.S. by The Knot Magazine.)

“Brian and I worked together on our wedding for Bruce, and our wedding photography has been amazing,” Gersen said in 2016.

“We’ve been so lucky to be able to work with him.”5.

Sarah E. Koval is the photographer for Tessa Clements.

Kravitz has worked as a bride- to-be for several years, and she has a number work for couples including Jay Z, Nick Jonas, and J.


Kovitz is a wedding videographer who is well-known for her photos of the couples weddings.

She worked with Beyonce on her wedding to Jay-Z, and has also photographed Beyonce’s other big-name weddings, like her Grammy Awards, the Super Bowl, and this year’s Grammy Awards.

(Her first major commercial shoot was for Beyonce, with the Beyonce Family Band.

She was also featured in Beyonce: Behind the Music, a video documentary that premiered on the BET network last year.)

“The day before my wedding, my friend, Tessa, and her sister, Tanya, came to visit my family, and it was really nice,” Koval said in 2015.

“And she was a photographer that I really liked, so that’s how we started working together.

I’ve been lucky to work for her since she was 16.

And I really love the work she does.

I love the fact that

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