Which photojournalist is best-known for breaking a story?

jimmie nelson, the New York Times photographer who won the Pulitzer Prize for his book about the death of journalist James Foley, has been accused of covering up a murder of a prominent Republican, according to an investigation by the Times and BuzzFeed.

According to the report, which BuzzFeed obtained from the US Department of Justice, nelson has been suspended from the Times after an investigation found that he failed to report the alleged murder of Representative Mike Pompeo, R-Kansas, and the death in 2009 of two other people.

BuzzFeed reported that he is the only Times reporter who has been implicated in a cover-up of the murder.

Nelson, who has covered the 2012 Benghazi attack, the 2008 Tuskegee Airmen suicide, the 2011 Oklahoma City bombing and the 2010 death of George Zimmerman, has had a tumultuous relationship with the Times, according the Times report.

The allegations against him came during a series of public comments that nelson made to BuzzFeed in the aftermath of the release of his book, “Journey To The Center Of The Sun: The Life And Times of Mike Pompea.”

In the first public comment about Pompea’s death, nigern wrote that Pompea was shot and killed while he was “trying to make sure the U.S. Capitol was safe,” according to BuzzFeed.

In another comment, nichaeln wrote “he did not hear from the Capitol,” but said he did hear “a loud, shrill noise.”

BuzzFeed reported the Washington Post that the “shooting was an accidental gunshot.”

In his book “A Life And A Time: The Strange, Terrible, And Beautiful Life Of Mike Pompeaa,” published by Penguin in February, nilern said Pompea “was shot, and I didn’t see what happened.”

He also wrote that “Pompeo had no friends and had no family to go to for help,” BuzzFeed reported.

BuzzFeed’s report did not name Pompea.

The Washington Post said in a statement that the Washington Times “did not find any evidence that Mike Pompeoa was murdered in any way.

We have never seen or heard of a credible account of this incident.

Mike was shot by a gunman, who is no longer with us, who was also unknown to the Times at the time.”

In a statement, the Washington Examiner, which first reported the allegations against nelson on Monday, said the story is “baseless and completely false.”

The report comes as President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are trying to pass their sweeping tax reform bill in a vote expected to be late next week.

The bill includes a new $1.5 trillion corporate tax cut, which would help Trump’s economic agenda.

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