When the Irish want to show the world they love boogie photography, here’s where to do it – The Irish Independent

Boogie photography is now a mainstream trend in Ireland, with boogie boards and similar craft supplies popping up everywhere from restaurants and bars to museums and even cinemas. 

The first time I ever saw one I had to take a shower and a shower with a boogie board, the photographer from Cork, John Wollerton, told The Irish News. 

John has been using his hobby for almost a decade and he says he has been lucky to get his hands on many boogie kits, but he also got a few from local photographers and the boom has continued. 

“When I started I got about two or three of them and that was it,” he said. 

He said the boogie was just an extension of his love of outdoor photography.

“I love photography because it allows you to look around the countryside and capture some really lovely natural scenes,” he explained. 

With the boom in boogie supplies comes the boom of boogie pictures. 

There are now more than 3,000 boogie photographs on the internet and with the availability of boogies on the rise, the trend is now spreading beyond just photography. 

A boom in the number of boogy photographs being posted on Instagram has led to a surge in demand. 

It is estimated that there are around 50,000 images on Instagram of boogiems. 

While some are simply fun shots, many others are capturing a different kind of experience. 

Bogie photography has even been featured on ABC’s The View, with presenter Julia Breen sharing her views on the trend. 

In a series of Instagram posts in January, Ms Breen shared some boogie images taken by her own mother, who works in the film industry in Australia. 

Some boogie shots she shared are simply breathtaking. 

But for many, the fascination with boogie photography is about more than just a photograph. 

They see it as a way to express themselves and celebrate their love for nature. 

People who have boogied in the past can still do it, and for the photographer it is a chance to express his love for the natural world, and show off his skills. 

Boogie photography was popularised by photographers such as Andy Warhol and Robert Capa. 

These photographers used the boogys to express their love of nature.

“A boogie is something you do while in nature, in the midst of the jungle, on the beach,” said John. 

When the boobie boom began in Ireland John and his fellow boogie photographers were not allowed to photograph outdoors, but they did have the opportunity to see what it was like to be boogie boarding. 

Today the boogiem craze is spreading across the country. 

Now, a boom in demand is making boogie equipment available for purchase online. 

Websites such as boogie-paddlers.com have created a thriving market for boogie accessories, with many people looking for something that can be enjoyed on the go. 

One of the more popular boogie bags is the Gizmo, a plastic bag which can be used to carry boogie or water. 

This is made from a flexible plastic that can stretch to fit a person’s waist. 

Another popular boogieman is the “Boat Boogie Bag”, which is a collapsible plastic bag with an opening on the side that can hold up to a 10-litre bucket. 

On eBay there are more than 50 boogie totes and more than 500 products are being sold. 

What do you think of boogaem photography?

Have you got a boogaeman?

Share your photos with us in the comments below. See also:

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