When does the sun rise in Melbourne?

Melbourne is in the early stages of a winter that is expected to be the most cold on record for the region, but that’s not the only place to see the spectacle.

The city is hosting a series of spectacular events to celebrate the season.

From the grand opening of the Grand Trunk Railway, which will see thousands of people riding in the snow, to the first ever public view of the city’s iconic skyline, the city is on a mission to bring the weather to its residents.

In Melbourne, we will celebrate the arrival of spring, with events including a grand opening for the Grand Parade, a free public event on the city centre square, and a series with a focus on the outdoors. 

The Grand Trinket will be open from 5am-9am on Friday and Saturday, and the Grand Line will be running on Saturday, May 10.

You can view the events online, but you’ll have to take a bus to the station, which is a short walk from the Grand Palace.

The first stop on the journey will be the grand parade, which runs from 7am-10am, with participants on the route receiving free tickets to the parade.

We’ve seen some spectacular weather in Melbourne during the summer, with some of the most dramatic snowfalls, such as this one in March, and some of Melbourne’s coolest, including this winter’s iconic Melbourne Castle.

There’s also the first public viewing of the Sydney Opera House, which opened on the first day of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Opera House will be hosting a viewing on Sunday, May 12, from 8am-12pm, and will have the city shrouded in a blanket of snow for the first time.

It will be a great opportunity for anyone to catch a glimpse of the beautiful city. 

This is the first in a series that will cover Melbourne’s coronaviruses and winter weather, as well as other events that will make the city even more unique.

We’re not sure which of the events will get you the best view, but we can guarantee that you’ll be able to tell the difference between this one, and any other you’ve seen.

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