When did the photo of President Trump’s inauguration taken at the Washington Monument actually get that famous caption?

Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. (AP) — The Washington Monument in Washington, DC, got a new caption Tuesday night that says “First in the West” when it was first erected in 1790.

The Washington Post reported that the new caption was in response to criticism from conservative media outlets and a Facebook user who said the caption was inaccurate.

The original caption was “The inauguration is the best and the brightest.”

The new caption, according to The Washington Times, said, “The most amazing event of the century.

It is the most impressive in the history of mankind.

It has surpassed all expectations.”

The caption was first posted by the website The Washington Examiner.

A tweet from the Examiner was also shared on Twitter.

A spokesman for the National Park Service said in a statement that it was “reviewing the caption to ensure that it accurately reflects the context.”

The Washington Monument and other sites around the country have had a string of controversial images that have been altered and taken down.

In recent weeks, there has been a push for more accurate photos of President Donald Trump.

The Trump administration has repeatedly said its intention to have accurate images of the events taking place during the inauguration.

In addition to the new Washington Monument caption, the new images from other sites include a photo of the USS Enterprise, an image of the crowd at a Trump inauguration in 1981, a photo from a ceremony honoring the American Revolution, a shot of Trump speaking at a rally in 2006 and a picture of a young child with a face mask in 2010.

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