What you need to know about the photos that will go viral in Canada

An unlikely pair of portraits will make the news on Wednesday.

Platon photographer David R. St. Pierre and photographer David St. George are known for their portraits of people in the wild.

In addition to the photos of the polar bears, the pair has also photographed the Canadian and American militaries.

(CBC)On Tuesday, St.

Pierre posted the pictures on his Instagram account, saying the photos are his attempt to show the polar bear’s plight in Canada.

The images are the work of St.

George, who says he was inspired by the polar Bear Rescue of America (BRAA) program, which provides free photography services to stranded bears.

St. Pierre says he got the idea to post the pictures after he and his wife, Lauren, were in the midst of trying to find the bear to rescue.

“We found the polar hat in the wilderness and thought, ‘well why not have a polar bear rescue photo for the kids?’,” St. Paul said.

“And we went to find it and found it on Instagram, so we were like, ‘this could work, let’s do it.'”

St. Paul and his family also have a large Polar Bear Rescue photo collection.

The photos, which are still up on St.

Paul’s Instagram account , show a group of polar bears resting in a pond, a snowy mountainside, a snow-covered lake and a rocky outcropping.

It’s unclear how long the polar caps are in the photos.

The Polar Bear Recovery of America website says it is the only rescue program in Canada, and provides free photographic services to polar bears stranded in the Arctic.

In a video posted to St.

Peters blog in March, St Paul talks about the challenges faced by the rescue group in the early days.

“There was so much work and so much money to be put into the program that they were just getting started and I’m telling you, they were getting a lot of heat from the press and we were starting to get a lot more press, so it just got really tough,” St Paul said in the video.

“Theres always a chance they could have died, so that would be really sad.”

St. George, who lives in Ottawa, said he was a bit taken aback by the news, but said he and St. Peter are glad the photos will be shared.

“Theres no other way to put it,” St Peter said.

“It’s amazing.

We can do this.

We’re a very small group of people, and we’re not getting the attention that we would have if we were the big name that we are.”

With files from The Canadian Press

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