What happens when photographers have a photographic ephemera?

The photo-sharing website Flickr has begun allowing users to use the photos they’ve taken on its site for other users to take notes and to upload them for others to see.

Flickr, like Facebook, also allows people to share photos of their pets, even though the company says its pets are not a part of the site’s collection.

“We’ve been doing this for years, but we finally opened the door to share them on Flickr for everyone to use,” Flickr spokesperson Megan McArthur told Ars.

She says that this feature has already been rolled out to some users, including members of Flickr’s photo-focused group.

But it’s not yet been rolled into the general Flickr app.

McArthur said that “we will soon roll it into our app, and then we’ll see how the community responds.”

She added that she was not sure when the feature would be rolled into Flickr.

Flickr has been the subject of a recent lawsuit alleging copyright infringement by an unnamed third party.

The photo site has said that the lawsuit is “false and baseless.”

“We are committed to protecting users’ rights to use photos for their own private, noncommercial use,” McArthur added.

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