What do we know about the origins of the Frida Kahlo photograph?

A picture taken in 1935 of American painter Frida Kahanlo, is believed to have been the first photograph taken in the United States.

The photo was taken in California by photographer Frank Leland, and later released to the public as an exhibit.

Since then, the story of this picture has taken on several different incarnations.

The most famous version of the photograph is often depicted in books and movies as a depiction of an angry woman.

But historians disagree on the authenticity of the image, and many scholars and scholars are now studying it for the first time in a documentary.

This week, the National Academy of Sciences announced that it has compiled new evidence to back up the story, including an interview with Kahanloo herself.

We’ll have more on the history of this photograph, as we learn more.

The Frida Kallo photograph is the subject of a new documentary, “The Frida Karla,” which will premiere this fall.

In the documentary, the artist who would go on to create iconic images of the United State will share stories of her life in the U.S. and beyond.

She’ll also speak about the significance of her image, both in her country and the United Kingdom, and the many people who’ve seen her work.

We also get a glimpse of a painting that is also part of the exhibit.

“It is the work of an artist who lived in France,” says filmmaker Matthew Johnson, who is directing the documentary.

“She was very interested in the painting.

She was very much a student of the painting, she was interested in looking at it and being involved in its history.”

Johnson, an art historian at the University of Illinois, says that the painting shows a woman in a bikini in a landscape.

“I think that is one of the most striking images that she had, to see the image on a canvas, with a woman on a beach in a state of undress, without a mask, and you can just feel it,” Johnson says.

Kahanla has described the painting as an image of her “pure love.”

“I have to say that, of course, the world has a lot of love for this painting,” she told the Los Angeles Times in 2008.

The painting is located at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Kaganlows mother died when Kahanlows youngest daughter was about 6 years old, and her mother was very sad.

“The painting was in a very sad state,” Kahanlos mother, who also was not identified in the documentary as well, said.

“And then she took this painting away and I don’t know how she was going to bring it back.

It was in such a sad state that she didn’t want to do it.”

Kahanlahos mother died in 2003.

She had been living in Spain for many years.

“Her mother’s death was such a loss to me that it was almost like she was my mother,” Kaganlo told ABC News.

“This painting has become my mother.”

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