Wedding photographer to star in new movie ‘Bondi’, says director

Miami, Florida (Reuters) – Photographer Michael “Bondis” Mathers has agreed to star as an Irish family portrait photographer in a movie that will be produced by the Irish film-makers Oscar winner Darren Aronofsky and Lionsgate.

Mathers, whose film “Bonds” has become a global phenomenon, will play the lead role in the film “The Bonds of Bondi” based on the biography by Mark O’Hara.

The movie, which will open in July, will also include a portrait of the author.

Aronofsky and Lions Gate are producing the film.

It will also be the first time a film about a British family will be made in the United States.

Arona has written the screenplay.

He is directing from a screenplay by Christopher Nolan and is executive producing with Robert Rodriguez and John Cameron Mitchell.

The project will also have a lead role from actor Peter Farrelly.

Maverick filmmaker Michael Aronovich has previously directed films such as “Frozen”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “Man of Steel” and “Argo”.

Mather, 46, who also worked with Robert De Niro on the film, said the film was based on his own life.

He said the script had “always been about the bond between family and friends”.

“We’re just in the beginning stages and we’ve already had a lot of interest from all over the world.

The world is so big, and people want to see the bond,” he said.

The Bondi movie, in which Aronoff is playing a family portrait painter, will be based on a book by the same title by Mark Ogilvie and Michael Egan.

Arronofssky and Mather will make the film in association with Lionsgate and Aronovision, the world’s biggest distributor of films.

The deal with Lions Gate was announced in December.

The two directors are part of the same production company and co-produced “Bonding” with Aronow and Arona.

The film has been a global smash with the Irish government awarding it the highest international film-of-the-year prize at the Cannes Film Festival last month.

Mavgish, Aronowitz, Mather and Arondow will make a deal to produce a second Bond film that will focus on the family in an unspecified location.

The first film, “Bones” in 2002, had the biggest budget ever made for a film directed by a Irishman.

Arondow was also part of Aronoves film “Fury” and was nominated for an Oscar for his work on “Furious 7.”

Mavgas and Mavgis director of photography Michael Mavgas will also produce “BONDI”.

The two collaborated on “The Bondis of Bond” and also wrote and directed the feature film “Mavs”, which Arondows brother Martin wrote and also produced.

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