The World War II Photographer Who Died Was Not a War Photographer


27, 2018 — NEW YORK (AP) A photographer who died in the Great War was not a war photographer, and his photo shows a young man in a German uniform and a civilian, not a soldier.

The photographer, William M. Todt, died Sept. 26, a New York Post newspaper reported.

Todt was born in Boston in 1897, according to the New York Daily News, and was the first American to be accepted to graduate school in Germany, where he studied at the Institute of Modern Art.

The paper quoted his father, Thomas Todson, as saying Todton had never taken a picture for the war.

He was commissioned to photograph the British army, and to capture the battle of Arnhem Land, which he shot.

His photo of a young soldier with a German soldier in the middle shows a boy with a white scarf, wearing a white hat, in a field.TODT was awarded the Silver Star, Purple Heart, and the Legion of Merit.

The National Archives in Washington said in a statement it would not comment on an individual’s personal affairs.

A biography of Todthon’s father, William Tod, said he was born Oct. 6, 1896, in Massachusetts and came to New York in 1916.

It said Tod was raised in Springfield, Mass., and graduated from the University of Massachusetts.

He went to New Hampshire in 1916, and graduated in 1917.

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