Photos by the Million, the first ever to feature people from around the world

On April 8, 2020, the world will see the world’s first-ever full-color photo of an individual, with a view of the planet from their own country.

The photo, taken by photographer Robert Schulz, will be exhibited at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.

The exhibition opens to the public on May 17.

“It’s an opportunity to celebrate Canada, and the diversity of its people,” said Amanda Gorman, the gallery’s curator of photography.

“We wanted to capture that uniqueness, the uniqueness of Canada.”

In 2017, Schulz shot the first full-colour photo of himself from around Canada, using the Polaroid SX-10, a camera with a lens that could shoot up to 100 frames per second.

That image, titled “My Canada,” won the 2016 Photographic Prize, an international photography competition, which awarded $5,000 for the best photo of Canada ever taken.

The same year, Schutz won the 2015 National Photographic Award for his work for CBC Radio’s Canadian Outdoor Show.

And in 2016, Schutzes first ever photo was featured in an issue of the Canadian Geographic magazine.

“In terms of the photography, I always want to make sure that I am capturing something that captures Canada, which is to say, it’s an amalgamation of all of the things that make us Canadians, and it’s the best way to capture it,” Schulz said.

The photographer also says that the photo has inspired him to travel the world, taking portraits of people in their own countries, and to visit as many countries as possible.

“I’m looking to create a world where I’m just living it every day, so that I can see what’s going on in every country, every country on earth,” Schutz said.

“That’s why this photo is so important to me.”

The exhibit will be displayed at the Canadian National Gallery until the end of June 2020.

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