Nikki Catsura Photography: A story about being an outlier in the photography world

I’m not going to be the first person to call Nikki catsusura a photographer.

She’s just an out-of-touch person, but that’s OK.

In a world that’s still dominated by celebrities and big brands, catsus is one of the rare examples of a photographer who is not an icon or the face of her industry.

In her Instagram bio, catsuses name describes her work as “photographer of the people.”

And while her photography career is far from over, catsuis life is one that is still very much alive and kicking.

She recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, where she majored in the visual arts, and now works for a fashion company in New York City.

In the meantime, she is on the road, teaching workshops for artists, photographers, designers and filmmakers.

But for her, the focus is not on the work itself.

“It’s about the process of photographing, not the result,” she told me.

“There are a lot of different things I’ve learned through doing the work, but I do my work with the mindset that I am working with people.

I am not the photographer.

It’s about getting the work done.

That’s why I’m here.

I have a passion for people and I’m interested in their experiences.

That was always the reason I started working with this medium.”

What she is interested in are the experiences she’s created with people, and that’s what she is passionate about.

She says she doesn’t like being labeled as a celebrity.

“I like to be a bit of an outsider and have the freedom to be who I am,” she said.

“The whole thing about being a photographer is you are constantly creating and trying to tell stories.

I do this because it’s an opportunity to do that and have fun.”

For the past three years, catsuzas work has been based around her passion for photography, but she has always maintained that she doesn`t have a particular career path.

In fact, she has a lot more to offer, if you are curious.

For example, she currently works as a photojournalist, and as a photographer, she says she likes to “work on different kinds of projects.

You have to do more of the storytelling, you have to be creative, and I like to work on things that are more interactive.”

She has been in several different projects, including a portrait shoot for the magazine Vogue and a feature shoot for a childrens book that she created with her husband, and her photography work has also been featured in various print and digital media.

For catsus work, she prefers to keep her focus on her photography, which she describes as “self-expressive and creative.”

“I do what I love, I do what makes me happy, and for me, I am a photographer,” she explained.

“I have to always be thinking about my work.

I don’t think about my portfolio or my clients.

It`s all about my life.

And that’s the most important thing for me.”

A quick look at catuses profile shows that she is a person of many talents.

She has worked with many different celebrities, including Kate Upton, Naomi Campbell, and Selena Gomez.

She also has worked as a model and singer, and even photographed her for a video.

She even took time to photograph her family for a series for the brand Mimi Mimi Magazine.

Catsus is not the only one to have a photographic side.

I’m sure there are a number of photographers who work with celebrities, and catsus photography has been on display in various art projects.

“There are photographers that I really admire and admire and think are great,” she says.

“A lot of photographers I have worked with and admired, and they have a very specific style that I enjoy.”

For example when catsus started working for fashion label Mimi, she was hired as a fashion model, and she worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

She credits Mimi for giving her the opportunity to be more creative, which is a huge part of her work.

“When I started, I had no background, so I really had to work really hard.

I had to learn how to use Photoshop, and how to do all these things,” she recalled.

“And I think Mimi was a big influence on me.

When I first started, when I first tried to work in the fashion industry, I was trying to figure out how to look the part.

I didn’t know how to work with clients, how to approach people.

And so I was very new, so my style was very, very different from what they were doing.

But I really think that they helped me out, because they taught me that there are people out there that are very talented, but

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