Nickelback’s photo meme, ‘I’m Not A Rock’ video: ‘I wasnt even a rock’

DENVER — The photos from Nickelback are on their way to the Internet.

The band tweeted a photo of themselves last night (April 10) in a series of selfies that were shared on Instagram and Snapchat.

They captioned it with the phrase “I’m not a rock” and “This is how you feel.”

The photo series is a mashup of two viral memes, both of which were trending during the Super Bowl weekend.

They are a mash-up of photos that were taken by the band in a Super Bowl commercial last year.

The first was a picture of a young Nickelback performing at the end of a Superbowl commercial that included the band members wearing a bright red shirt, black shorts and sneakers.

The second was a photo that was taken in March of the band and a group of people who were standing near the end zone of a stadium as a large Superbowl banner was shown on a large screen.

The photo of the members of Nickelback with the yellow shirt was shared on social media after the band released a video with the caption “This one’s from the Superbowl.”

It showed the band standing at the sideline with a large banner.

In addition to the Superbowl commercial, Nickelback also released a short video on the band’s Instagram account.

The video showed the members performing in front of a giant scoreboard at a stadium.

The image is the first to be taken in the series of pictures.

The group has been known to take selfies at the beginning of their concerts, and the band has also done the same in recent years.

The members of the group were not at the Super bowl last year and have not taken photos since.

It was their first appearance in a large stadium since the band formed in 2010.

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