I’m so angry about the way Facebook is handling me

I am so angry that I am being treated like a criminal by Facebook for posting an image of my face in an article on their platform.

It’s not a big deal for me, because I am a person who was born with a face like mine.

But it’s a huge deal for others who are not like me.

I am a journalist, a journalist who has a very difficult job, one that involves being in front of a camera and reporting.

It is a difficult job.

This is why I posted the image on Facebook.

Facebook, the most important media company on the planet, is the biggest source of my livelihood.

The more important thing is that I do my job.

The article on the Facebook page of an Indian-American student at the University of California at Berkeley reads: “The picture of my picture is on Facebook and now it has been removed.

The image was not in my hand or even on my screen at the time of posting.

This is the first time I have been reported for the violation of Facebook policy and I will fight for the right to share my picture.”

I don’t know how the photo is still there on Facebook, but it’s definitely there, and it’s been removed from Facebook.

This isn’t even about me, it’s about my reputation.

I don, and I don’t care.

My mother was very angry with me.

When I told her that Facebook is going to remove my photo from its platform, she said: “It is a violation of your privacy.

I don´t want your money, I donít want to be a part of your society, I am not your daughter.

You don´T know what you are doing.”

The police didn’t want to take action against her.

I think they were scared.

The reason I went public was because I want to speak out and I want people to know that there are people who have been hurt by the media.

Why are the police not coming after Facebook?

Why are the Indian government not calling the police?

I have never faced any real consequences.

The police have told me that I have no right to speak.

They said they are not going to go after me because I have not committed any crime.

It’s really ridiculous.

They have told the police that they are only going to take my complaint against Facebook into consideration and if they find out that I was the one who posted the photo, they will take appropriate action.

That’s the mentality.

The police are just looking for an excuse to punish me.

They are looking for some sort of excuse.

Why should I worry?

Why should a journalist be worried about what Facebook is doing?

Why shouldn’t I just stand up for my right to express myself?

What should I do if Facebook removes my photo?

I am going to continue to publish my images because it is important to do so.

But I am also going to work for my rights.

I am still going to report on the issues I believe in.

I have also received death threats from people.

The only thing I am concerned about is that this is going on with the Indian authorities.

I want the Indian media to be free and open.

I hope they understand that this can never happen again.

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