How to make a great wedding photo

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding photographer, there’s no such thing as a perfect photo, said Dhanush Ramesh, a photographer from the Indian capital, Delhi.

“I have had many great photographs taken in the past but never a perfect one,” he told The Hindu. 

Ramesh was speaking at the inaugural edition of the International Photographers’ Association’s annual conference, The Photographers of India, organised by the Photographers Association of India (PAI).

“There are some photographers that are good and some photographers who are not,” Ramesah said.

“There is no such rule that all the photographers have to be the same.”

The first-time bride of Rameshyas family in the early 1990s, Rameshi is one of the few photographers in India who has never taken a photo of a wedding.

“The reason is because there is no formal education for a wedding photographer.

There is a very limited range of photographs,” said Ramesha, who also lives in the US and works for the National Geographic Society. 

“I can do one-off shoots with a family or one-on-one with friends.

But in the event of a large event, I cannot shoot a wedding because I can not use the facilities and I have no experience,” she said. 

To make her own wedding photo, Rameesh, a student, took a photo on a rooftop in the city and uploaded it on his Facebook page.

The photo of Rameh with his family in a beautiful sunset at the Taj Mahal in New Delhi went viral on social media.

“There is one rule for everyone: a photograph needs to be taken at sunset,” said an ecstatic Ramesho.

“It’s not about the photographer.

It’s about the person and the occasion,” he added.

Rameshi was so taken with the photo that he even made a wedding album with it.

“The photographs were very popular.

We received hundreds of requests from different families and people across the country,” he said.

It took the photographer just five days to photograph the first wedding in his family, and he had the idea of making a wedding photo album.

“My goal was to make the best wedding album possible, and it’s a big undertaking to get it finished,” he noted.

The Wedding Album The Wedding album was Rameshu’s way of getting his family and friends involved in the process.

The idea was that each family would send in a photo and the photographer would compose and edit the photograph.

“Each family has to be present in the room at the same time,” Ramehe said.

The album would also feature all the family members in the same pose, so they can easily identify the couple, he added, adding that the album could be downloaded from his Facebook account and shared across the social networking site.

Once he had a wedding-related photo album finished, Ralesh said he wanted to send it to his friends and family for them to enjoy.

His plan was to send out the album on Facebook, but then he was informed by his friends that they were already uploading their photos to the album.

“They are sharing their pictures online and their families are sharing theirs.

So I decided to do something else,” he explained.”

It’s a shame that people cannot access the photos online and can’t share them.

It should be their right,” Romesh added.

The Family Photo The first family photo Rameshe made was of Romeshi’s mother and father.

“In my family, we always have a family photo album,” he shared.

“We also had a family reunion last year and I got a lot of compliments from my family members.

We used to share our family photos online but the internet has changed the whole thing.”

The photos of Riteshi and his family have since gone viral.

“People are sharing my family photos on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories,” Raresh said.

Rameshe’s mother is a photographer and his father is a photojournalist.

Rameshou said he would like to continue his photography career in the future.

“I have no regrets.

I just want to continue with my profession,” he laughed.

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