How to capture the wildest, most extraordinary places in the world

Photographer and nature photographer Nikki Catsoura says she has had a blast photographing the wilds of Hawaii.

She says she often gets requests for pictures of the island’s flora and fauna.

The photographer says her passion is capturing nature’s beauty and capturing life as it unfolds.

She said the inspiration behind her work comes from nature.

She told ABC News, “It’s always been a passion for me and my work is inspired by nature.

I feel like it has a special place in me.

It has a way of being very raw and beautiful.”

Catsouralas photos have been featured in Smithsonian magazine, The Guardian, ABC News and The New York Times.

She also recently published her first book, Wild, Beautiful, Beautiful: Stories of Nature Photography and has been a featured guest on, ABC World News Tonight and NPR’s The Talk.

Catsoure said her inspiration comes from the island, Hawaii, which is famous for its native plants and animals.

Catsoula said the island has so many plants and wildlife that the islanders often come to her studio for photos.

She added, “There’s so much variety and variety of plants and it’s hard to get to know all of them.”

Catsoulas latest book, “Wild, Beautiful,” will be released by Scribner on April 29, 2019.

It will be available for purchase online or in bookstores. will have exclusive content on this story.

Follow her on Instagram: @nikkicatsoula and Twitter: @nick_catsoulas

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