How to capture images with the Nokia 808 PureView camera

The Nokia 808 is the first camera to feature a 4K camera.

While it’s still a relatively small camera, the 808 has a much more compact design than the 808 Pureview, and it’s a lot more capable in the camera department.

With the 808, Nokia aims to deliver a better photo experience by making the camera smaller, easier to use, and more powerful.

This has led to the 808 having a much higher pixel count, which should make it a more useful and efficient photo editor.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the features and capabilities of the 808 in terms of image processing, noise reduction, and HDR, as well as the camera’s sensor.

The 808 Pure View is the smallest, lightest, most compact camera Nokia has ever made.

It weighs a measly 4.7 ounces (about 2.5 kg).

It’s slightly smaller than the Nokia Lumia 928 and a full 2.7 inches (about 3 cm) thick.

It also has a slightly larger display than the Lumia 925.

While the 808 doesn’t come with an 8MP camera sensor, Nokia’s 808 Pure view camera is capable of taking a 1080p picture in 4K resolution, and the sensor has a full 16MP, 8-bit CMOS sensor.

This makes it a lot faster, especially in low-light situations, because the 808 can capture 4K video at up to 120fps.

The image processing is pretty straightforward.

The 808 Pure vision sensor includes a 12MP sensor with an image stabilization technology called Image Stabilization (IS), which is built into the sensor itself.

The IS system works by slowing the camera down when the sensor detects motion, which can result in a lower resolution image.

This image stabilization has a low shutter speed of 1/4000s, so it’s very accurate, and when the image stabilizer is activated, the image is stabilized, allowing the 808 to capture more of the scene.

The Nokia 808’s sensor also has an HDR mode, which lets you shoot in high-contrast, high-resolution colors.

HDR is a common image processing technique, and is used to create images that are much more vivid and vibrant.

This mode lets you create a very bright image by using a high-power HDR filter, which in turn helps to achieve the highest color reproduction.

This is also why the 808’s photo processing engine has an option to take HDR photos.

The shutter speed is also fairly fast.

At 1/8000s, the shutter speed on the 808 is faster than the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and most other smartphones out there.

But this isn’t a speed advantage, as the 808 and its camera processor both use fast shutter speeds for video recording.

For example, the Nokia 6 has a shutter speed that’s faster than an iPhone 5 with the same sensor size, and also has the same resolution.

The Lumia 935 has a similar sensor size to the Nokia 8, but has a faster shutter speed, so the 808 does not offer a similar experience in this regard.

In other words, you’ll have to choose the shutter speeds you want in terms the image quality you want from the 808.

If you’re looking for a more powerful camera in the 808 lineup, then you’ll want to look for the Nokia 10.

This camera, which comes with a 12 MP sensor, is capable in low light, as it captures 4K videos in a resolution of 1080p.

The 10 also has HDR, which is a feature Nokia has been using for a while now, and which is something we’ll look at in a bit.

In the images we’ll show you, you can see that the 808 performs very well in terms image processing.

However, it also has some noticeable noise reduction issues, which are most noticeable in the dark, which results in blurry, jagged images.

Nokia has addressed this issue with the 808 series camera with the PureView.

While this does result in better image quality in low lighting, the noise reduction is also more noticeable in darker environments.

Noise reduction is a very important feature in lowlight photography, and Nokia has also included an option in the Pure View to reduce noise reduction settings for you.

For video, you’re also going to want to consider the Nokia X10.

This 4K Nokia X-series camera comes with the fastest shutter speed and most powerful HDR feature available, as you’ll see in the image below.

The Nokia X has a very high ISO, which helps to create better images, but noise reduction does come into play.

Noise reductions can make video looks blurry, and they do make photos appear jagged and grainy, but Nokia has always made the noise reduced noise reduction option available.

The camera in this review is the 808 family portrait camera.

The X-Series has a new sensor, with a smaller, 5MP sensor, which makes it more compact, lighter, and easier to carry.

In addition, the X-

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