How can you be a funny photographer?

An article on a website for photographers has inspired some to think about the value of humour in photography.

The idea was inspired by the recent controversy around the film director Terry Gilliam, who recently released a film entitled ‘Mulholland Drifts’.

Terry Gillis film critic, David Brin, recently told the Huffington Post UK that the film is not a ‘glorious film’, and in fact that the whole thing is a ‘laughable film’.

He added that Gilliam ‘got a lot of mileage out of it’.

The Huffington Post asked several photographers about their opinions of Gilliam’s film and its impact on their work.

The article is below, but first read on to see the responses.

Hi Rob, I’m glad you liked the article.

I’ve never seen it and thought it was very funny.

It’s an example of the sort of humor that we’re seeing more and more.

I was also hoping that it was about the film and not the person, Terry Gilli.

The movie’s been making the rounds, and I guess I’d like to ask you to comment on that too.

No, no, no.

It is a film critic and a filmmaker, so I’m not going to be doing anything like that.

A film critic’s work is much more complex than a filmmaker’s.

So I’m going to have to go with the latter.

Terry Gilligan is not Terry Gillish.

Yes, but he’s a great filmmaker.

It was an interesting read.

Is it funny or funny because you’re trying to make something funny or is it funny because it’s funny? 

I think the film that Gilli’s made is very funny and very well made.

It has an interesting quality to it.

We’re just trying to find some humor in what he’s doing.

But if you’re doing a film that is not as funny as it could be, you’ve lost your chance to make a good film.

When you look at Gilliam in the film, you see a guy who doesn’t have the time or energy to be funny.

That’s not the case with Terry.

He’s a lot funnier than I expected.

How many people do you think think are doing good work?

Do you think they are good?

Do they just have some luck?

Are there any artists who are doing great work?

I don’t think there are any artists doing good works.

What do you make of people who say they have a ‘grudge’ against Terry Gillian?

How do you respond to that?

He’s not an artist.

It doesn’t mean anything.

He has an ego.

I’m just trying really hard to get some people to be honest about what they do.

And people who have an ego just like him, they’re going to take anything he says seriously.

If they believe it and believe it with all their heart, I don’t really have anything to say.

That doesn’t matter.

I just have a big ego.

Do you think Terry is a great director?

I’m pretty sure I do.

But I think he is really trying to do the best he can.

That’s the thing.

If he’s trying to get the best work he can do, he can’t just make bad stuff, because that’s not his style.

So he has to make really good stuff.

I don.t. see any of that being the case.

He’ll always make bad films.

The film ‘Mushroom’ was very successful.

How did you feel when you heard the news?

Did you enjoy it?

Do we need more Terry Gilligans?

Terry Gilliam has created a new art form, that of a film, and he’s done it very well.

The success of ‘Muffinman’ has been very good, and if you look back at the films of other directors, they all have a kind of ‘grind’ to them.

I think Terry’s got a really unique style, and that’s why he’s such a popular director.

He seems to be able to make people laugh, and to create a sense of fun.

I do think the films are very successful, and the audiences seem to enjoy them.

They’re not very expensive, and it’s not a matter of whether people like them or not, but whether they’re good or bad.

So it doesn’t seem like a ‘problem’ to you?

You don’t seem to think it’s a problem to have that sort of a work ethic.

There are so many people that do good work that aren’t good at it.

I’ve worked with a lot, and there’s not one person that’s a good at all.

I really don’t care about the criticism of that.

I see it as a matter that we can all be funny, and we’re all going to do it.

If we can’t all do it together, then we don

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