Fox Sports’ ‘Des Moines Nine’ reporter who accused Trump of ‘racism’ faces felony charges

Two Fox News reporter accused President Donald Trump of “racism” in a heated tweet on Thursday after he criticized his own reporting about a local Iowa reporter who is black.

“You can’t report the news like you were hired to do.

You are racist,” Fox News’ Todd Starnes tweeted on Thursday.

“And it’s not your job to report it.

The only way you can do that is if you have a racist brain.”

Starners original tweet has since been deleted.

“I had to delete that tweet.

It was a hate crime,” he said on Twitter.

“It’s not my job to tell a racist how to report the truth.

You can’t do that.”

Strawns original tweet sparked outrage from Twitter users who slammed Starns for not “reporting the news the way he was hired to.”

“Your reporting is the problem.

This is not your journalism.

The racism is there and you’re the one responsible,” one user wrote.

“Your job is to report and tell the truth and not to try to take the power away from others,” another user wrote, in a response to a tweet that read “Why is your job so important to you?”

Starnles’ tweet came amid a week in which Trump has repeatedly called on reporters to stop covering him.

Starnings story about Des Moines Nine, a black man, went viral when it first went up on Fox News on Tuesday.

Strawnes tweeted that Des Moines has a lot of good people, including many who are “very talented” and “truly great people.”

“They are a great community,” Starnies tweeted.

“They have great people in their community.

This has nothing to do with race.”

The Des Moines 9 story about the Des Moines area’s black residents went viral, becoming the most-shared story on Twitter by the end of the week.

The DesMoines Register published a story about Starnys story on Thursday, which quoted DesMoine Police Chief Tom Linn as saying, “We will continue to focus on what we can do for our community.”

The Iowa City Star and Iowa City News also reported on Starness tweets.

St. Louis-based radio station KXEO, which hosts the radio program “Black on the Edge,” has also criticized Starnses tweets.

“To some, this is a racist tweet, and to others, it’s just another example of how little we are concerned about the racial injustice in our community,” the station said in a statement to The Associated Press on Thursday afternoon.

The radio station also said it has not spoken to Starnesses about his tweets.

In a series of tweets posted to his personal account Thursday, Starnises said that his Twitter account has been hacked and he has been suspended from Twitter for six months.

“Hate speech is unacceptable.

If you are not willing to report what is happening to your fellow citizens, you are no longer welcome on Twitter,” Stravies tweeted Thursday.

Stravings tweets come as the DesMoins NAACP chapter has been receiving threats from an unknown group.

“This is not what the NAACP stands for,” said a spokesperson for the Des Moines NAACP chapter.

“We’re disappointed that the local NAACP chapter in Des Moines is targeted.

This behavior has no place on Twitter.”

The spokesperson said the NAACP is looking into Starnss tweets.

The NAACP is a local chapter of the NAACP and the Desmoines NAACP.

Fox News reached out to the DesMoes NAACP for comment but did not immediately hear back.

Sternes has worked for Fox News since 2014, and the Fox News affiliate in DesMoinas is owned by Comcast.

The network has a long history of airing conservative talk radio programs, including a show hosted by conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham that drew controversy in 2016.

Ingraham hosted “The Ingraham Angle,” a program that featured Ingraham and a guest, Ann Coulter, debating the issues of the day.

Fox has also aired conservative talk shows on Tucker Carlson’s show, Fox & Friends, as well as The Sean Hannity Show and Fox &am;Graham.

The Fox News Channel is owned and operated by 21st Century Fox, which has been the subject of multiple lawsuits from conservative media outlets and groups, including the conservative Heritage Foundation and FreedomWorks.

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