Chicago wedding photographer salaries rise to $1.3 million

Chicago wedding photographers are earning an average of $1 million annually, the highest in the United States, according to data compiled by Forbes.

The highest-paid wedding photographers in the U.S. are from Chicago, where the average photographer makes $1,500 an hour.

They are all paid a base salary of $350,000, according a 2016 study by CareerBuilder, a company that helps professionals and aspiring artists build careers.

The average annual salary of a photographer in the city of Chicago is $1m, according the survey.

The next highest paid is in New York City, where a photographer makes between $500,000 and $700,000.

Chicago has the most wedding photographers on the list, with a total of 15, with the average salary of the average worker in Chicago at $1-million per year.

The median wage for Chicago wedding photography is $700 an hour, according CareerBuilder.

The average salary for Chicago photographers is higher than the national average, with more than 8,000 jobs in the area.

However, Chicago has the highest unemployment rate in the country at 15.3%, according to a recent study by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Chicago’s top-paying wedding photographer is Chris Lee, who has been working for The Wedding Photographers Guild for six years.

Lee, a photographer for more than 25 years, said he has been asked to work on a variety of weddings.

The Chicago wedding industry is booming, with an estimated 4,500 wedding photographers across the country, according

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