Charlotte Wedding Photographer Shares Her Photos of the Charlotte Wedding and Wedding Ceremony

DALLAS — Charlotte Wedding photographer and wedding planner Amy Smith has shared some of her best photos of the wedding of her daughter, Charlotte, and her husband, Josh, in Charlotte, N.C. on Sunday.

The couple and their daughter, who had her first child in May, had their first ceremony on Saturday in downtown Charlotte.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Blue Ridge Country Club in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta.

Smith shared a few photos of Josh and Charlotte’s first wedding day, from the front row of the ceremony, the back, and the back of the front.

They were married on Sunday at 10:15 a.m. and were married with candles in the center of the dance floor, in the middle of a small circle of guests and their families, she said.

Josh Smith has been a photographer for 17 years, but he has taken some of his favorite photos of Charlotte and her family in their home, she wrote on Facebook.

Amy Smith, an amateur photographer and mother of two, took some of the most amazing photos of her children and husband’s wedding in their first time.

I can’t tell you how happy I am.

Amy Smith, who has been photographing weddings for 17+ years, said in an interview with The Charlotte Observer that her photography has been very popular with her audience.

“I think they love to see their children get married,” she said of the audience.

“They love the ceremony.”

Smith shared some photos of what she calls the “love” and “courage” in the couples eyes.

Amy said she has noticed that they look at each other in a way that they were never able to do before.

“They love each other and want to be married,” Smith said.

“It is very touching.”

Amy Smith said she had been photograpessing weddings since she was 14, but was excited to be able to share her photos with her followers.

“My photography is very personal,” she wrote.

“I think it gives a little bit of insight into the inner workings of people in the wedding community.”

Amy has taken over as wedding planner for Josh Smith and Charlotte Smith, as well as managing wedding and rehearsal services for their family, Amy said.

Amy has been working with them since January.

Amy has also worked with couples to set up a wedding in a church, which she said is “a lot of fun.”

“We do all the planning and all the preparation and all that stuff,” Amy said of setting up weddings in churches.

“We get it all figured out by Sunday, and we do a lot of planning with people who are just like us and they just want to make it happen.

We’re really enjoying it.”

Amy shared some shots of her husband’s favorite wedding cake.

“The wedding cake was our favorite cake I’ve ever made,” she shared on Facebook, with a photo of Josh holding a wedding cake while he and Charlotte danced to the “Love Song of the South” by The Rolling Stones.

Amy said she was thrilled to see Josh and his family get married and celebrate.

“We have all the fun in the world right now and it’s just wonderful to be with all of them,” she told The Charlotte Sentinel.

“Our kids are really excited to have a family again.

It is going to be fun!”

Amy said Josh and the Charlotte Smiths will be married at the Hartsford-Jackson Blue Ridge in the spring.

The ceremony is expected to be held in May at the Country Club.

Josh and Charlotte are expecting their first child together, and their wedding is planned for March.

Amy shared more photos of their wedding day and their photos of “The Love Song of The South.”

Amy shared the photos on her Facebook page on Sunday, showing the bride and groom with the “Southern Style” flag.

“It was beautiful,” she posted.

“The groom was a little shy, but we got the idea that he was going to sing it.

It was so beautiful and I am so glad that we did.

I think that’s really important, the idea of singing ‘Love Song’ at a wedding.”

Amy said her daughter’s wedding is “very special.”

“She is so happy and she’s a little nervous, but she really loves it,” Amy told the newspaper.

Amy’s Facebook post received more than 200 comments, some from people who were celebrating their first marriage and others who were not happy to see the photos.

“You guys are amazing,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter shared the image of the couple holding a cake with the Confederate flag on it.

“Why would they have to do this???” the commenter asked.

Another person commented that Amy is “doing an amazing job” and her photos are “really beautiful.”

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